A Process for Success

Before it was Rocky Mountain Fresh Foods, this IGA grocery store in a small Wyoming town had lofty goals and its heart in the right place. It sells specialty and organic foods in addition to the normal Wyoming fare. To become the only store in town worth going to, it needed an extra push.

We started with concept boards with imagery taken from stock photography, magazines and other sources, to get our general thoughts across to the client. Above is the board they chose: the “Ansel Adams” concept.

These three logo concepts were our presentation to the client. Each represented a different style board and train of thought; the top one goes with the Ansel Adams board above. This is the concept the client chose. We were very pleased, and developed three versions of the logo (one with a square, one with a triangle, and one with this circle stamp in the middle). The long skinny shape worked well with their existing exterior signage, while the secondary logo in the stamp was applied to more traditional logo-shaped spots.

The canvas tote was one of our favorite parts of this project. This illustration style is used on the exterior paint job of the building, the paper and plastic bags, and various other parts of the store’s design, unifying it and giving it a hand-made touch.

These product signs carry the friendly, customized look to the shelves. They needed to be printable in-house; thus their simple, templated design. We think you’ll agree, they’d catch your eye!

We had a little fashion show in the office when the uniform samples arrived. We’re pretty sure they are the sharpest-looking grocery store uniforms in the Rocky Mountain Region, if not the nation! The uniform consists of hats, sweatshirts, polo shirts, aprons, butchers’ aprons, and nametags—a pretty good outfit if you ask us.

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