April Showers Bring May CRUISERS!

Denver Brand Strategy
It’s a fact that ever since I (Andrea) started here at Anabliss I have been on a mission to convince the rest of the Anabliss team that they need to participate in one of Denver’s greatest weekly happenings…the Denver Cruiser Ride. I have yet to have success in my sales pitch, but the month of May is just a little tribute to all the cruising that happens during the summer (and that I’ll be eventually convincing the team to participate in).

For those of you that are curious, here are some details about my sweet ride. Last year I attended the Boulder Bike Swap and found the Vista Duchess. She’s a rootbeer colored beauty with chrome fenders and 5 speeds of awesomeness. She has been taken around the Circle of Death a time or two and come out with great success.

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