March Down Under

The month of March features one of Australia’s favorite animals, the kangaroo. Jami, our very talented art director, was lucky enough to study abroad for a semester in Melbourne. We’re not sure how much studying she actually did, but we really just say that because we’re envious (at least I know I am).

Jami refers to this time as the best six months of her life. She says that it changed the course of her life. Of course, everyone at Anabliss is glad she went to Australia, because it brought her to Colorado and eventually a part of our team!

Not only did Jami study there, but she took six weeks after her studies to travel up and down the coast jumping on and off busses to sightsee. Jami is our world traveler, so if every once in awhile she slips up and answers the phone with a “g’day mate” or says “cheers” in a funny accent when she hangs up…now you know why.

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