Happy New Year!

Throw away that Justin Beiber Calendar. Take down that kittens-in-hats calendar. Twelve months of Ford Mustangs? Really?? Toss it! This year’s Anabliss calendar will put them all to shame.

2012 marks Anabliss’ 15th year in business! So, to celebrate we partnered with our friends over at Tewell Warren Printing (it’s their 50th year in business) to create a very special calendar.

Each month features advice, wise words or ideas that have helped us succeed over the years. Paired with each quote is a beautiful, distinctive image. But you really need to hold this year’s calendar in your hands to get the full effect. We used different printing techniques to create a unique, tactile experience every month.

It’s hard to do it justice with only photos and my limited descriptive vocabulary. So, email us and we will send you one for free. I have a feeling you’ll like it.

Please send your name and address to calendar@anabliss.com and we will get your calendar* in the mail as soon as possible.

*While supplies last.


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2 Responses to “Happy New Year!”

  1. Susan Passmore says:

    I’d love a calendar — if you haven’t sent me one already.


  2. Ryan Haskins says:

    Your design firm was the crown jewel to my AIGA Denver experience. Your work was amazing, and your calendar blew me away. I found myself looking through it and touching it while we were visiting other design firms! Thank You for your time!

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